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Novotel Congress Budapest
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- real estate appraisal, management
- consultancy on security measures of   properties
- assesment of damages
- legal advices on insurance matters
- professional interpretation/translation,   certification of translation
- organizing insurance conferences
- training and professional education of   insurance
- tax advising



About us :

Pászka és Partnerei Kft. is an insurance broker company servicing both national and international clients.
The complete services offered for companies and individuals, cover all types of insurances as the company operates in every field, in order to be able to optimalize each insurance premium and the conditions for its clients.
The insurance broker is independent from the insurance companies, its task is to professionally assist its corporate and individual clients not only during the preparation of insurance contracts but also in case of a claim.

Main services:

- Consulting in insurance matters
- Assistance
       - in the determination and valuation of the risks to be insured
       - in the selection of the proper insurance products
       - in finding the insurance companies which can fully meet the requirements of the client
       - in obtaining the most cost-effective terms and conditions
       - in administrative matters during the validity of the contract
       - in case of claims, in loss adjustment.

The broker's intermediating services are free of charge for the clients.


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